Software Policy


Upon making an offer of sale, a software developer becomes the developer of the software. The developer of the software is solely and entirely responsible for the quality of the application, and for its security with regard to hacking or virus attacks. Once the software has been published to the public, is not responsible for the quality of the application, and is not liable for any hacking or virus attacks. However, it is the developer’s duty to ensure the integrity of the application in terms of compatibility with its various operating systems. provides no warranties or guarantees on the availability of the application. Once published to the public, and listed on the website, the application or software becomes the responsibility of the person or persons making the purchase, and is subject to payment of the ordered price.

Applications available on websites are those created and published by or its partners. Such applications are considered part of the services and offerings provided by  They can also be hosted by servers, at a date determined by in its sole discretion. The terms of use of an application can stipulate that it must not be used for any illegal activity or cause any harm to users. The application developer may also stipulate that the user of the application must abide by certain standards.

An application developer may choose to make its application freely available through the site, provided that the application is submitted to the server. The developer undertakes to publish on the site a standard ‘Software Policy‘ of which this document is an example, in which, in particular, the terms and conditions of use of the application are laid down. In the case where the application has been made available through the servers, the developer undertakes that the application complies with the terms and conditions of use put forward by in the ‘Software Policy‘. The terms and conditions of use of any application hosted by server can be displayed in its own right. This policy may be supplemented by any additional terms that the developer imposes, for which the user has given its express consent prior to using the application. If’s servers reject an application submitted by a developer, will immediately remove this application from its servers. The same rule applies to a developer using the servers to distribute its application.

Commercial applications and, in particular, goods and services available for sale on a commercial basis, require special handling as they are placed under a different category of service or use of the Group. Among other things, this policy aims at ensuring the users of sites the right to a safe and reliable browsing experience on the Internet, based on user-generated content.

The rights of the users as defined by the applicable laws of Europe, as amended. The policy governing the protection of personal data is published on the Websites. The application of these policies is limited by the legal limitations on the Company’s liability.